Information for Tax Return 2017

Income Tax Returns 2017

If you are a tax resident in Finland and you have been living here in 2017, you will receive a pre-completed tax return for 2017 by mail to your home address in March or April 2018. This applies also to Grant and Scholarship recipiens.

The letter will be marked with a word VERO/SKATT or vero.fi/skatt.fi (taxation) and the tax return will be entitled Esitäytetty veroilmoitus (Finnish) or Förhandsifylld skattedeklaration (Swedish).

The tax return will unfortunately only be available in Finnish or Swedish, but there is English material available so you should be able to understand and check the form.

When you receive the pre-completed tax return, check it carefully and if it is complete and accurate, no further actions are need from you i.e. you do not need to inform the tax authorities that you approve the tax return as it is.

If you need to make changes or add information, you can do so manually or online. The deadline for submitting corrections is 3 April or 8 May or 15 May 2018. The date applied to your tax return is printed on page 1 of your Tax Return.

If you will not receive the pre-completed tax return until May, please contact the tax office.

Blank samples and instructions to the pre-completed tax return

The pre-filled tax return consists of four separate sections. Read this information carefully.

Blank sample of a pre-completed tax return (sections 1 and 2). This is the part of the tax return you need to check and make corrections to or add information.

Blank sample of a Tax assessment decision (sections 3 and 4). This is the decision part of the tax return. The payment forms for possible back taxes are attached to this section.

Instructions on the pre-completed tax return formDetailed instructions on the pre-completed tax return. By following these instructions, you should be able to check your tax return.

Note: According to the tax administration, the foreign scholarships and grants will be informed with the attachment form 16.

Additional information on Tax deductions.

Attachment forms (bottom of this page)

Back taxes

If you pay an insufficient sum during the year in the form of withholding or prepayments — you must pay up the difference afterwards as back taxes.

Bank forms from the Tax Administration are already enclosed with your pre-completed tax return (Section 3, page 7)

The due date of the first instalment of the 2017 back taxes is 3 December 2018; for the second instalment, it is 1 February 2019

Note: You must pay by the due date even if you have made an appeal against the tax

Tax refunds

Tax refunds for the tax year 2017 are paid on 11 December 2018 to the bank account you have reported for refunds.