HR development and staff training


The success of the University of Jyvaskyla is based on expert staff committed to the work community. Human resources are supported with management, well-functioning structures, and resources allocated to support and personnel services.

The employees are expected to take responsibility for the quality and results of their work as well as for their own development and their work community's wellbeing. The University provides the conditions for the employees to develop their own work and expertise, and to contribute to the development of the organization and work community.


The University organizes orientation sessions twice a year for its international staff, grant researchers and visitors and for the international spouses. The orientation sessions take place in September and in February. It's highly recommended for every international staff member, grant researcher, visitor and spouse to participate in the orientation session in order to get information on living in Finland, working and doing research at the University of Jyväskylä as well as on library services. In addition you will find further information on Finnish language courses which the University provides as well as working in a multicultural environment.

Slides from the Induction session for newcomers on 5th February 2019


Slides from the Orientation session for International Spouses 20th September 2018

Living in Finland and Jyväskylä, International Staff Services, pdf

Volunteer work in Finland and possible volunteer work options in Jyväskylä, Vapari, pfd

Development discussions

Development discussions between each employee and his/her supervisor are regularly carried out in all University units. They provide an opportunity to address future challenges and related career plans and give recognition and thanks.

Development discussions will also be used as a tool for developing competence. The needs and expectations highlighted in the development discussions will be adapted to unit‐specific goals and to the work plans of individual employees or corresponding agreements on work duties.

Staff training

University supports employee participation in staff training, University Sports and cultural activities. Staff training is available for employees (monthly-paid) and is normally free of charge.

Staff training courses vary from IT and library skills to languages. More information can be found on:

University Sports and culture


The University of Jyväskylä is famous for its University Sports offering which covers varied exercise, for example, dancing, ball games, martial arts and water sports.

Group fitness classes require a paid sports sticker but unsupervised classes are mostly free of charge.

The Culture Committee organises cultural events and trips and offers a variety of crafts courses for staff and students.