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Botanical Garden

The botanical garden of Jyväskylä University was established in early the 1880's when the first buildings of the Teacher Training College were erected. The garden surrounding them was designed to be a Finnish counterpart of the Englishscenic garden with its rolling hills, winding paths and freely growing grass.

The range of the Jyväskylä College of Education (former Teacher Seminary) extended in the 1950's when new buildings designed by Alvar Aalto were erected. Aalto park was built in the area surrounding the new buildings. In the 1970's the new buildings of the university were erected in the old park and the old scenic garden was almost totally destroyed in the process.

The botanical garden of Jyväskylä University contains also the new campuses of the university. Mattilanniemi park represents the style of the 1980's in its design and flora which is suitable for an urban environment. In Ylistönrinne park, natural domestic flora is used in the landscaping construction.

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