Vierailuluento (Ahern): "First and second language literacy education: the Reading to Learn approach"


30.10.2018 8:30 — 11:45

Sijainti: Seminaarinmaki, Ruusupuisto, RUU D104 Helena
Professori Aoife K. Ahern Madridin yliopistosta pitää vierailuluennon aiheenaan “First and second language literacy education: the Reading to Learn approach”. Luento koostuu kahdesta osasta: aiheen yleisestä tarkastelusta ja tämän jälkeen käytännön esimerkeistä.

First and second language literacy education: the Reading to Learn approach

This talk will offer an introduction to a literacy programme based on a linguistic approach to teaching reading and writing across the curriculum, and discuss its uptake and application in teacher education and professional development in Spain. The programme, Reading to Learn (Rose, 2017; Rose & Martin, 2012), accelerates literacy development in L1 (as shown by Rose & Acevedo 2006, among other studies) and has been found especially useful for subject classes taught through second or foreign languages. Reading to Learn pedagogy is based on powerful theories of language, educational psychology and sociology which are applied to lesson preparation and classroom interaction, and which lead to immediately results, both in student engagement and learning. It is based on the functional analysis of texts from the school curriculum, and on scaffolding/modelling the processes of reading and writing with the whole class. The workshop will provide some hands-on experimentation in identifying text genres from across the curriculum using Rose & Martin’s (2012) framework, and in using classroom interaction to support comprehension and writing development.

Aoife K. Ahern is a professor at the School of Education, Complutense University in Madrid (UCM), specialised in language and linguistics, with a strong interest in literacy education (in English and Spanish as foreign languages) and Second Language Acquisition. She is visiting University of Jyväskylä through Erasmus+ Staff program.

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