DEMO Se­mi­nar: a talk on Machine learning, professori Tommi Kärkkäinen


22.5.2019 10:15 — 12:00

Sijainti: Mattilanniemi, Ag D 121
DEMO Research Project Seminar on Minimal Learning Machines.

Speaker: Tommi Kärkkäinen (University of Jyväskylä):
Machine learning using Minimal Learning Machine and Extreme Minimal Learning Machine

DEMO - Decision Analytics utilizing Causal Models and Multiobjective Optimization is a profiling area of our university, This presentation is aimed at a wider audience interested in DEMO and does not require deep knowledge of machine learning.

Classically machine learning methods and algorithms have been given separately for unsupervised and supervised problems, with or without target variables. However, supervised distance-based learning was rebirthed in 2013 when the Minimal Learning Machine (MLM) utilizing distance-regression was proposed.

In 2018, the distance-based kernel from MLM was integrated with the extreme learning machine and the novel machine learning variant referred as Extreme Minimal Learning Machine (EMLM) was suggested by yours truly. In this talk, I introduce both of these distance-based methods and provide some experimental results.


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