Cultural award

The award is granted by the Jyväskylä University Foundation. The Innovation Award has been presented since 2008 every other year alternating with the Cultural Award. The award is granted for meritorious innovation activity, which has led to the commercial exploitation of research results.The sum is EUR 3,400. The award is presented at the annual celebration of the University.

Further information:
Head of Research Timo Taskinen, puh. 0400 648 504,
Innovation Advisor Riikka Reitzer, puh. 040 822 5358, 

Earlier winners:
2015 Professor Jussi Timonen, Physics
2012 Professor Emeritus of Nanotechnology Jorma Virtanen
2010 Professor Tommi Kärkkäinen, Mathematical Information Technology
2008 Professor Matti Vuento, Biochemistry

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