Linh Thyu Do

"I’m a campus wanderer."

Linh Thyu Do | Banking and International Finance

I like to spend my time going around the beautiful campus and because of that, I often find myself participating in events that I had no idea of in advance. Most of them have been in Finnish, but I’ve been curious and asking people “What’s going on?”

This one time I was at a Language Centre table, where they had a quiz about different languages around the world, and I told them that I’d like to give it a go. The questions were in Finnish, but they were kind enough to translate them to me – I ended up winning movie tickets for that evening and a prize package with many cool things inside. These unexpected, fun things and the friendliness of people here have made me really appreciate the choice of coming to study here.

I spend my free time doing all kinds things that Jyväskylä has to offer – ice-skating, barbeque, hiking and berry picking, dinner and board games with my friends. It’s very easy to organize meetings and parties here – KOAS ja JYY both have club rooms, that are very easy to book.

My biggest dream: To be able to travel the world to places I have not been yet and try the specialties there.


Lue mitä opis­ke­li­jam­me ker­to­vat yli­opis­tos­ta, opin­nois­taan ja opis­ke­li­jae­lä­mäs­tä Jy­väs­ky­läs­sä.