Biplob Bhandari

IT with a twist

Biplob bhandari | Information systems

I did my bachelors’ in IT engineering, but I was interested in business as well. So I thought why not study something that has both IT and business: in the University of Jyväskylä I could take business as a minor. 

I don't have a business background, but I during my application process I convinced the staff interviewing me to take me in. They told me they would teach me everything I need to know and make me take the needed business courses.

There are a lot of international and local student associations that you can join, and I would suggest joining as many as you can, so you network more than just inside your own subject. I’m a member of an association for international students. There I met two people from my course who became my best friends!

When you first come this far north to Jyväskylä, it feels like it’s somewhere in the middle of nowhere! But once you’re here, you pretty much love the city, not only like it!


Lue mitä opis­ke­li­jam­me ker­to­vat yli­opis­tos­ta, opin­nois­taan ja opis­ke­li­jae­lä­mäs­tä Jy­väs­ky­läs­sä.