Levi Habila

"JYU means home to me."

Levi Habila | Service Innovation and Management

JYU means home to me. JYU is filled with people from all over the world, making it very easy to feel at home, giving you an opportunity to exchange ideas with many different people. All I need for a comfortable and progressive student life is obtainable for me.

My best memory would be working in groups with students from different cultural backgrounds and the various class discussions we’ve had both with my classmates and teachers. The interaction makes it easier to understand complex subjects or concepts. Most of the teachers are actively involved in industry, making discussions during classes interesting and connected to current projects under development.

I would describe JYU as a place of opportunities, as its strengths lies in the diversity of the international community it offers to foreign students.

What I enjoy when I'm not working or studying: Sauna.. yes, sauna! I just love it!


Lue mitä opis­ke­li­jam­me ker­to­vat yli­opis­tos­ta, opin­nois­taan ja opis­ke­li­jae­lä­mäs­tä Jy­väs­ky­läs­sä.