Ninh Ngoc Tram

”University is the place where we learn to think”


I’m a master's degree student in Development and International Cooperation and my major is Social and Public Policy.

When I still lived in Vietnam, I worked as a journalist. I had a lot of information, but somehow I felt I could not find the proper answer for the questions about my society and myself. So I decided I should study more and keep going on the journey of looking for the answer.

Then my father, who is a University teacher in Vietnam, told me about Finland, which is well known for the education system. I received the letter of acceptance from three Universities, but maybe I chose Jyväskylä because of the brochure that I had seen. I’m completely happy with my choice. Jyväskylä is unique. Here I have a good community, and I like the environment and peaceful life here. The nature is beautiful, I love it!

In my programme, the lecturers and professors are encouraging students to think critically and to ask questions. We also have a multicultural environment with people from different countries. And that helps a lot, because in each place we have different development issues to think about and different ways to think about them. I’ve learned a lot from my friends from different countries, because everyone has a different approach to the issue. That creates a very diverse conversation for the whole programme.

As my professor said: University is the place where we learn how to think!


Lue mitä opis­ke­li­jam­me ker­to­vat yli­opis­tos­ta, opin­nois­taan ja opis­ke­li­jae­lä­mäs­tä Jy­väs­ky­läs­sä.