Supervision of doctoral dissertation: Elements of Successful Supervision

On Thursday 12 October at 13.00-16.00 2017 in lecture room S212


13:00 Opening words: Vice Rector Kaisa Miettinen
13:15 Introductory lecture: Elements of Successful Supervision, Professor Sanna Vehviläinen, University of Eastern Finland
14:30 Theme discussions: Good practices in supervision of doctoral dissertations
  Good practices in supervision of doctoral dissertations in international research group, Professor Mikko Mönkkönen, Department of Biological and Environmental Science
  How my supervisor introduced and motivated me towards scientific publishing and completing the doctoral studies on time, University Teacher Aijaz Shaikh, School of Business and Economics
  Group supervision of doctoral dissertations in the research field of history, Senior Researchers Heli Valtonen and Susanna Niiranen, Department of History and Ethnology
  Peer Mentoring pilot for PhD students: Researcher skills and growing as a researcher, Senior Researcher Terhi Nokkala, Finnish Institute for Educational Research and Senior Lecturer Johanna Kiili, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy
  Resolving the problem situations of supervision, Professor Laura Stark, Doctoral School of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  Parallel publishing of the articles included in the dissertation, Publishing Secretary Sini Tuikka, Open Science Centre
  Operating principles of the University Graduate School, Graduate School Coordinator Tuula Oksanen, University Services, Division of Strategic Planning and Development