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More information for Academy of Finland applicants - join also Ask & Apply event (29. August at 1-3 p.m.)
  • Aika 30.08.2018 klo 13.0015.00 (Europe/Helsinki / UTC300)
  • Paikka Agora, Auditorio 3
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  • Yhteyshenkilön puhelinnumero 0400-248085
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Academy of Finland September call will be 10 September - 1 October 2018 at 4.15 p.m.

This event gives more information for those who apply from Academy of Finland September call. On day before this, Wednesday, there will be Academy of Finland Ask & Apply, where they tell what´s new in call. Thus, in this Thursday event we will tell more about special issues you need to know. At the end, there will be also basics in applying for first timers.


Data protection specialist Riikka Valkonen - data protection related to Academy of Finland calls

Informatician Janne Seppänen & project manager Juuso Marttila (Open science centre) - Data management plan from point of view of JYU

Team leader Sanna Ahoniemi (Service centre)- budgeting

Research funding advisor Satu Huhtala (Research and innovation services)- basics in applying for first timers and all who want to know more

The event will be in English.