Workshops for consortium proposals

Are you preparing a consortium proposal for the EU’s H2020 Programme? Participate in a consortium proposal workshop organized by Research and Innovation Services. The training is also suitable for those preparing consortium application for the Academy of Finland´s Strategic Research Council calls or Business Finland Co-Innovation -proposals. In the workshop, the research funding advisor will hold a 20-minute presentation on topic related to consortium proposals, and then participants can ask for advice on preparing their application. During the workshop, you may work on a point in the application for which you need expert help. You may participate in the whole series or at selected workshops.  

Workshops are held every other week between 13.00 -15.00, Agora C 513.1
Please notice! When you register please choose the modules you want to participate.
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 Workshop themes and dates:

  1. Call text analysis and evaluation criteria 27.8.2018
  2. Application structure 10.9.2018
  3. Administrative forms and budget 24.9.2018
  4. Consortium management 8.10.2018
  5. Planning of work packages 22.10.2018
  6. Dissemination and communication 5.11.2018
  7. Data management 19.11.2018
  8. Ethics and security 3.12.2018
  9. Visualisation 17.12.2018

More information:
Henna Gustafsson, puh. 040 8054676
Anu Tiilikainen-Tervaniemi, puh. 040 8054523
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