Academy of Finland announced a new Academy project call for younger generation researchers.

This Academy project funding is targeted at early-career researchers at the docent or professor level who have shown rapid progress in their research career and who have significant potential to ensure the renewal of research in their field. You do not need to be a docent or professor to apply. Eligible applicants must clearly describe in their research plans (under Special call objective) how they identify themselves as belonging to the younger generation of talented researchers in their field, how their careers have progressed especially in the past five years and how they view their potential to ensure the renewal of research. Thus, please note, you need to have at least some years of experience after doctorate degree. AoF does not define any time limit who is “younger generation”, except that “younger” means years from doctorate, not physical years. RIS sees this as a great opportunity for tenure-track phase researchers to start or build up a research group.

Applications submitted to the targeted call will be reviewed in the same panels as applications for regular Academy Project funding. If an application for Academy Project funding for early-career researchers is unsuccessful, the research council concerned will still process it together with applications submitted for regular Academy Project funding

In the case of consortium applications, each consortium party must also meet the criteria set for this targeted call.

AoF call text – Academy project funding for early career researchers

AoF FAQ about the call