Academy of Finland September 2018 call


The Academy of Finland’s mission is to fund high-quality scientific research, provide expertise in science and science policy, and strengthen the position of science and research; it is a Finland’s leading expert organisation in science and science policy. Their funding is based on open competition and independent peer review.

There are two main application rounds every year, April and September call. The call text of September 2018 call is out now. There will be some reshaping, based on the feedback from researchers and evaluators but also these changes are forecasting the challenges of 2020´s. From the beginning of year 2019, there will be only 3 research councils instead of 4. The new ones will be Research Council for Biosciences and Environment, Research Council for Culture and Society and Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering. Thus, in September call, the applications will be targeted to these three new councils. In oncoming call, the panels will besides reviewing the applications also rank them. Academy makes their funding decisions on basis of this ranking, but they may decide otherwise. In this call for the first time, Academy will tell the results earlier for those young researchers who get rating 1-4. They have heard the request from the researchers and see that this is also important to know as early as possible, as then there is time to search other alternatives for funding and job possibilities.

The research plan will be filled directly to the application form within SARA-system, instead of being an appendice, but you can prepare it e.g. in Word and copy-paste the text to the application form. The form has already been tested, and mathematical functions and special characters will work on it. The length and topics the research plan will be similar than before but the order of chapters will be changed from the previous calls. There has been some overlapping between application form and the research plan, but this time e.g. all about budget and mobility plan will be written into only one place at the form.

The CV will be written in lighter form than the TENK model and it will be more similar compared to the ERC CV model. Academy recommends to create ORCID ID to all applicants, if you do not have it yet. Also a new thing is, that you can pick up publications from VIRTA publication information services to your application. Sometimes it is useful to show or ask help the application to your colleague or e.g. to the project secretary, so starting this September, this should be possible by giving this person rights to see or even fill parts of your application. For example, when filling an Academy project application, the PI does not have to fill all parts of the application by her/himself, but can ask a group member to fill in some parts.

The September call will be open 10 September – 1 October (4.15 p.m.)

 In September call, funding open for application:

Funding for research teams:

  • Academy project funding, all research fields, open themes
  • Targeted call: Research, development and innovation programme ICT 2023: Programmable world and advanced software techniques
  • Review of applications for sport science project funding from ministry of education, science and culture


For researcher


Funding for international researcher mobility based on bilateral agreements

  • Mobility from Finland
  • Mobility to Finland

The research and innovation services recommends reading the call text thoroughly and following the instructions. Also, when the call opens, check and start filling the renewed application form. We recommend also reading the review criteria and guide for reviewers. As the competition is high, it is important to show the evaluators the excellence of your research plans and yourself in a clear way. For young researchers, if possible, take all changes for international experiences that you can as it is a merit in your application and may be the reason to get funding if there is not funding for all the best ones.

More information:

  • Academy of Finland Ask & apply tour vill visit Jyväskylä at the beginning of the call
  • Short “New in call“ talks can be ordered to your faculty (weeks 35->)
  • JYU call info targeted to young researchers and those who want to know more about applying from Academy than just the new issues, on week 35
  • Academy of Finland funding advising, info arrangements and comments to your application at JYU: