Researchers' Night receives praises from the MSCA Programme Officer

Researchers' Night organized on the last Friday of September brought once again large group of citizens interested in science and research to the university. This year we had visitors from European Commission, when the Research Programme Officer Alexandra G. Pedersen from the Marie Skolodowska-Curie Action visited the event and our university. Ms. Pedersen has previously participated in Researchers' Night event in Coimbra, Portugal. For Ms. Pedersen this was the first time she participated in a Researchers' Night event in a city where she did not speak the local language. "This did not pose any problem at all as the event was being held both in Finnish and English", says Ms. Pedersen. The event organized in Jyväskylä gave a good impression to Ms. Pedersen. "There were so many interesting activities. I was excited to see the researchers' motivation to interact with the public and to show their passion for their research, it was quite inspiring", says Ms. Pedersen.

To encourage researchers and organizers of the Researchers' Night event in Jyväskylä, Ms. Pedersen congratulates everyone involved from their enthusiasm and excellent work. "It was great to see public from different age-groups so interested and engaged with hands-on experiments among other activities. The opportunity to meet the researchers outside the lab and find out what they really do and why it matters for our daily lives not only encourages fun learning, but also promotes research careers to the young people. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to attend such a successful event in Jyväskylä where science and the passion of the scientists for their work were shared in a very interactive way", states Ms. Pedersen.

Events like Researchers' Night are considered of high importance at the European Commission. Ms. Pedersen states, that without any doubt the European Researchers' Night is considered as very important. "Researchers' Night is so far of the only European wide regularly offered event to the general public to get in touch with researchers and to understand how much research impacts our own lives. The constantly increasing success of the action clearly proves that it answers to a real need within the audience", says Ms. Pedersen. As a message from the hearth of Europe, Ms. Pedersen tells, that the action will consequently be continued in the future, namely under the future Framework Programme HORIZON EUROPE. "The precise modalities are currently under discussion and no details can be provided as for now. But clearly, the action will go on and possibly be reinforced in the near future", states Ms. Pedersen.