Jane and Aatos Erkkos Foundation/continuous call

"The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation awards grants for projects in the fields of technology, economics, medicine and culture, and for other projects that promote emotional and physical well-being.

Applications are processed on a continuous basis, meaning that there are no predetermined application periods. The decisions are made by the Board of Trustees in accordance with its predetermined meeting schedule.

The Foundation awards grants for high-quality research that aims at significant international breakthroughs. Key considerations for assessing research projects include the project goals, the researchers’ professional skills and credentials, the project implementation plans and the significance of the results. The goals of the research plan must be clearly defined, and the implementation plan must be realistic. The size of the material must be sufficient, and the data collection methods must be functional. High-quality scientific productivity is expected of researchers. Funding is granted on a case-by-case basis, and the cost estimate must be itemised and justified. Further funding may be granted if the research results show significant scientific value that leads to new research initiatives. When making decisions, the Foundation uses external advisers at its discretion. The Foundation does not justify its decisions or disclose the names of the advisers."

Established Researcher, Post Doctoral Researcher
Personal, Research project
Leena Sivula, +358408055116, leena.sivula@jyu.fi

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