EU Horizon2020 calls under MOBILITY FOR GROWTH:

  • LC-MG-1-6-2019: Aviation operations impact on climate change (InCo flagship)
  • LC-MG-1-7-2019: Future propulsion and integration: towards a hybrid/electric aircraft (InCo flagship)
  • MG-4-4-2018-2019: Support for dissemination events in the field of Transport Research
  • MG-4-5-2019: An inclusive digitally interconnected transport system meeting citizens' needs
  • MG-4-6-2019: Supporting Joint Actions on sustainable urban accessibility and connectivity
  • MG-BG-02-2019: Ship emission control scenarios, marine environmental impact and mitigation

Call deadlines: 24 April 2019 

  • LC-MG-1-10-2019: Logistics solutions that deal with requirements of the 'on demand economy' and for shared-connected and low-emission logistics operations
  • LC-MG-1-5-2019: Advancements in aerodynamics and innovative propulsion systems for quieter and greener aircrafts
  • LC-MG-1-8-2019: Retrofit Solutions and Next Generation Propulsion for Waterborne Transport
  • LC-MG-1-9-2019: Upgrading transport infrastructure in order to monitor noise and emissions
  • MG-2-6-2019: Moving freight by Water: Sustainable Infrastructure and Innovative Vessels
  • MG-2-7-2019: Safety in an evolving road mobility environment
  • MG-2-8-2019: Innovative applications of drones for ensuring safety in transport
  • MG-2-9-2019: InCo Flagship on Integrated multimodal, low-emission freight transport systems and logistics

Call deadline: 16 January 2019 (1st stage), 12 September 2019 (2nd stage)

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