Finnish Cultural Foundation - Central Fund

The period for applying for the Finnish Cultural Foundation's Central Fund grants is 1 - 31 October and applications are submitted through the electronic grant application system.

Grants are awarded for all fields of cultural activity. The work can be undertaken in Finland or abroad. In the arts, support is given for work and various projects, and also limited support for studies. Science grants are awarded for doctoral studies and postgraduate scientific work. Only limited support is provided for meeting and lecture travel costs.

Special grants such as Eminentia and Art for Institutions grants can also be sought.

Continuing funding for the second and third years of an awarded three-year personal grant from the Central Fund is not applied for in October through the general application process.

Central Fund grants are awarded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation's Board of Trustees on the basis of recommendations made by experts in various fields. The experts vary from year to year.

Established Researcher, Doctoral student, Post Doctoral Researcher
Personal, Research project
Leena Sivula, 040-8055116,

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