Call for Applications to the HEI ICI Programme 2020 -2024 

The application process has two phases:

  •  the Call for Proposals (first stage) and
  •  the Call for Final Applications (second stage)


The proposals for both Calls are submitted to the EDUFI electronic application tool. The deadline for the first stage Call for Proposals is 23rd August 2019.  

Only shortlisted HEIs are requested to prepare a Final Application. The deadline for the Final Applications is tentatively 28th February 2020. The exact date will be provided in the EDUFI website when the decisions on the first Call of Proposals have been made.  

Projects are to be implemented during 1.5.2020-30.4.2024 for a maximum duration of 4 years.  The state aid amounts to a maximum of 80 % of the total project budget and the project-specific aid ranges between 300 000-2.000 000 euro. Projects with state aid over 1.000.000 € are allowed only when several Finnish HEIs are included in the application, as defined in the HEI ICI Programme Document.  

The total programme budget to be allocated to the HEI ICI projects amounts to approx. 11,3 million euros, which results in around 7-20 projects to be selected, depending on the project-specific budget levels.


Established Researcher, Post Doctoral Researcher
Development project, Research project, Networking project
Anu Tiilikainen-Tervaniemi

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