Kone Foundation

Grants can be awarded for academic research, the arts, and for projects which combine scholarly and artistic approaches. Besides regular funding rounds, we also organize thematic grant calls, the purpose of which is to draw attention to current themes in academic and cultural life.

What can grants be applied for?

Kone Foundation supports bold initiatives in research and the arts.

Funding can be applied for:

  • academic and / or artistic work
  • advancing academic and / or artistic work (e.g., a project the aim of which is to develop a field)
  • work based on academic research and / or artistic work (e.g., making research or art available for wider audiences)
  • other kinds of cultural work.

Who can apply?

An individual, a working group, or an established organisation can apply for funding from Kone Foundation. If a working group is applying for funding, the group members must elect a team leader, who will be responsible for the project.

Kone Foundation grants are mainly intended for Finnish nationals working in Finland or abroad, or for other nationalities working in Finland. If you do not have a Finnish background and you are working outside of Finland, your work should have a connection with Finland.

Established Researcher, Doctoral student, Post Doctoral Researcher
Personal, Research project
Leena Sivula, 040-8055116, leena.sivula@jyu.fi

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