NordForsk: Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities

Call for propopsal

The aim of the Nordic Programme on Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities is to promote cooperation between the knowledge communities in the Nordic countries in order to enhance opportunities and address challenges relating to sustainable urban development and smart cities. The main objectives of the programme are to enhance Nordic research collaboration and to fund excellent research with impact within and beyond academia. The programme seeks to develop innovative and interdisciplinary analyses and methods in studies of urban development smart cities and use of essential knowledge for successful implementation. 

Call for proposal on research project

The overarching aim of the call is to address challenges of urban and regional life in cities of all sizes through thorough analysis, and use of essential knowledge for successful implementation.
The call encourages interdisciplinary cooperation between different research fields from socio-economic sciences and humanities to natural sciences and engineering, and to health sciences. 

A key aim of the call is to challenge the established concepts of smartness and sustainability.

The call will fund projects that introduce smart and sustainable innovations that are accessible to different types of cities and societal groups, e.g. medium-sized or small communities in the remote areas where physical and social conditions are demanding,  large cities and their neighbourhoods as well as different demographic groups.

Applicants are encouraged to incorporate early, continuous and active engagement with stakeholders, such as policymakers, civil society, and the private sector, into the project design.

The Programme has two overarching perspectives:

  • Integration of different dimensions of urban sustainability in the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Co-production – a means of expanding research activities to bridge gaps between knowledge, understanding, and action

The programme focuses on the following targeted themes:

  • Challenges to basic human needs (e.g. water, food, renewable energy, waste management, and fossil-free transport systems) and scaling of their integrated solutions
  • Inclusiveness and equal opportunities as preconditions for human well-being and sense of identity
  • Heritage, decision structures and planning processes
  • Physical, mental, and economic barriers, segregation and urban structures
  • Global change (including climate change) and local urban life
  • The balance of powers and shared understanding in urban planning and housing

For information, see full call text.

Deadline: 4.6.2019, 2 pm CET

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