The staff choir performed in the Ruusupuisto opening ceremony with conductor Sanna Salminen.

Number of employees remained the same, salary costs decreased

PersonnelThe number of employees remained at the previous level. The total number of employees was 2,581 (teaching staff 764, research staff 909 and other staff 908. The amount of teaching staff increased in comparison to 2014 and the amount of research staff decreased. The share of permanent staff has continued to increase in relation to fixed-term staff.

The salary costs of the University decreased 2.1% and the amount of person-years 2.9%. The moderate salary policy of the University aims to support financial stability.

In total ten permanent professors were hired in 2015. Three of them were hired through the application procedure and seven through the invitation procedure. One invited professor was a woman, six were men.

The faculty with the largest number of employees was again the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (553), followed by the Faculty of Humanities (315) and the Faculty of Education (311).

In total 54% of the University staff had a permanent employment contract. There were no notable changes in the numbers of permanent and fixed-term staff. The relative share of women was 55%, which is at the level as in the previous year. The average age of University employees was 43.3 years: 42.8 for men and 43.7 for women. Almost 10% of the University staff were 60 or more years old.

After having grown for several years, the number of international employees and their person-years decreased slightly in 2015. The share of international employees in full-time staff was 9.3% and remained almost the same as before, but their person-years decreased slightly. The total number of international employees during the year was 264.

The gender distribution of international employees is 36% women and 64% men. In total 84.5% of them had a fixed-term and 15.5% a permanent employment contract. The University had employees from 50 different countries. The most frequent countries of origin were China, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States.

The University has promoted the extension of work careers by supporting coping and wellbeing at work. Even though the average retirement age of 64.7 years has slightly decreased, it is still two years higher than the average in Finland.