The MEG laboratory in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Brain Research was opened in May.

The University retains its position in comparisons

The University of Jyväskylä has kept its position in international comparisons. According to rankings, the University is among the best 2–3% in the world. The rankings compare higher education institutions based on the volume and impact of research, quality of teaching, internationality and reputation. The University climbed back to the Shanghai ranking (ARWU) after a downswing in 2014.

The University also kept its position in the international science community. It had six Centres of Excellence (CoE), which was one fifth (6/29) of all Finnish CoEs in 2015. In the FiDiPro programme, the University has had in total 13 international professorships and seven of them continued in 2015. The European Research Council (ERC) has provided funding for seven researchers and the funding period of four of them continued in 2015. The University had two academy professors.

The amount of competitive research funding in 2015 was in total 35.2 million euro which corresponds to 54% of supplementary funding. The funding decreased slightly from 2014. The level of funding from external main financers has increased or remained the same.

When measured as the number of international peer-reviewed publications and references, the scientific impact of the University has increased. The number of peer-reviewed scientific publications still continued to grow. The number of international peer-reviewed publications has increased while the number of domestic publications has decreased notably.

Centres of Excellence funded by the Academy of Finland

  • Nuclear and Accelerator-based Physics JYU (2012–2017)
  • Biological Interactions Research JYU, UH (2012–2017)
  • History of Society UTA, JYU, ABO (2012–2017)
  • Inverse Problems Research UH, JYU, UOL, UO, TUT, ABO (2012–2017)
  • Low Temperature Quantum Phenomena and Devices AU, VTT, JYU (2014–2017)
  • Analysis and Dynamics Research UH, JYU, UO (2014–2019)

Academy Professors

  • Kari Rissanen, supramolecular chemistry 1.1.2013–31.12.2017
  • Petri Toiviainen, music 1.1.2014–31.12.2018

FiDiPro Professors, their disciplines and financers

  • Prof. Keith Davis (2012–2016), sport sciences (TEKES)
  • Prof. R. Holland Cheng (2013–2016), molecular biology (TEKES)
  • Prof. Nicola Fusco (2013–2016), mathematics (SA)
  • Prof. Jacek Dobaczewski (2013–2017), physics (SA)
  • Prof. Niilo Kauppi (2015–2019), political science (SA)
  • Prof. Yaochu Jin (2015–2017), mathematical information technology (TEKES)
  • Prof. Martin Haggert (2015–2018), sport sciences (TEKES)