2nd International Workshop towards the Giant Liquid Argon Charge Imaging Experiment (GLA2011)


Purpose of the Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers interested in realizing a giant neutrino observatory based on the liquid Argon time projection chamber technology, combining next-generation searches for proton decay and neutrino physics with natural and artificial sources. The workshop will include a visit to Pyhäsalmi Mine – the deepest base metal mine in Europe, home of the Centre for Underground Physics in Pyhäsalmi, and one of the sites considered by the LAGUNA design study. With distances of 2300 km from CERN and approximately 7000 km from both KEK/JPARK and FNAL, the Pyhäsalmi site offers a potential optimal location for long baseline neutrino oscillation studies. The workshop aims at fostering a collaboration on medium and long term projects among interested researchers. Reviews of the current efforts taking place worldwide towards building large liquid Argon detectors will be presented.