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13th Nordic Meeting on Nuclear Physics

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The 13th Nordic Meeting on Nuclear Physics was organized from 13th -17th April 2015 in Saariselkä in Finnish Lapland. The venue for the conference was Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna .

The meeting was the latest in the series of conferences which have been held every few years since the 1970’s with the location rotating between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.  The 12th Nordic Meeting was organized in Stockholm in June  2011.  The 14th Nordic Meeting will be organized in Norway in 2018.

The main topics of the conference were focused on low- and medium-energy nuclear physics carried out at the current stable and radioactive beam facilities, and on the possibilities with the next generations of facilities that are either planned or under construction.  Invited speakers gave 21 presentations,  18 oral presentations were contributed.  In addition, the program included a poster session.

In keeping with the spirit of earlier meetings in this series, time was kept free in the program for activities.  The most important one was naturally the traditional sports event between the Nordic countries.  Since soccer fields were covered by 1.2 meters of snow, the ranking was based on sled relay.  Since the Danes did not know whereabouts of the traditional challenge trophy, last seen in their possession, they had to win the competition, which they did.

The event was supported by the Federation of Finnish learned societies.  The contribution of the exhibitors, Vacuum Service, Gammadata, Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ekonia and Tecalemit Flow, is also gratefully acknowledged.







List of participants


Invited speakers

Nasser Kalantar (Groningen) Exploring the extremes with NUSTAR@FAIR
Isao Tanihata (Osaka) Super-FRS Science Cases
Tom Aumann (GSI) The dipole response of exotic nuclei and the nuclear symmetry energy
Zsolt Podolyak (Surrey) The AGATA campaign at GSI
Piet Van Duppen (Leuven) In-gas-jet laser spectroscopy of neutron-deficient actinium isotopes
Janne Pakarinen (JYFL) Shape co-existence studies at JYFL and ISOLDE
Oliver Kirsebom (Aarhus) Multi-particle decay studies at ISOLDE and IGISOL
Tuomas Grahn (JYFL) Beam diagnostics at the Super-FRS
Juha Uusitalo (JYFL) MARA, Mass Analyzing Recoil Apparatus, a new tool at JYFLACCLAB
Olof Tengblad (IEM Madrid) R3B a universal setup for kinematical complete measurements at FAIR: study of Beryllium beyond the neutron drip-line (13Be)
Anu Kankainen (Edinburgh/JYFL) Mass measurements for nuclear astrophysics
Christian Aa. Diget (York) An overview of nuclear astrophysics studies
Ann-Cecile Larsen (Oslo) Low-energy enhancements in the nuclear gamma-decay strength  – status, perspectives, and consequences for astrophysical (n,g) rates
Stephane Goriely (Brussels) The r-process nucleosynthesis: nuclear and astrophysics challenges
Peter Dendooven (Groningen/HIP) Gamma ray emission tomography
Joakim Cederkall (Lund) Radioisotope production at ESS - some ideas and a bit of background
Tommi Eronen (JYFL) Overview of precision physics with on-line ion traps
Jenni Kotila (JYFL) Double Beta Decay and Neutrino Mass
Karim Bennaceur (Lyon/JYFL) Finite-range pseudopotential for nuclear structure calculations
Andreas Ekström (Oslo/Oak Ridge) Nuclear modeling from a bottom-up perspective: Accurate nuclear radii and binding energies from a chiral interaction
Mark Huyse (Leuven) An overview of the HIE-ISOLDE project
Pär-Anders Söderström (RIKEN) Recent results obtained with EURICA at RIKEN


Program and the book of abstracts

Time schedule and all abstracts (in the order of presentation) as a single pdf file.

Conference proceedings

There is no proceedings.  Instead, slides of the oral presentations are available on the meeting web pages.


Local organising committee

Paul Greenlees

Heikki Penttilä

Anu Penttilä, meeting sectetary


Nordic organising and program committee

Juha Äystö, Helsinki Institute of Physics

Sunniva Siem, University of Oslo

Hans Fynbo, University of Aarhus

Thomas Nilsson, Chalmers Technical University

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