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Research carried out by our Department is broadly categorized into subatomic physics and materials physics. The subatomic physics research  includes nuclear and accelerator based physics and particle physics, and the materials physics research nanophysics and physics of complex materials.

The research in materials physics spans from nanophysics, nanoelectronics and low-temperature physics to the physics of soft condensed matter and statistical physics. This research is mainly performed in the multidiciplinary Nanoscience Center (NSC), which provides modern facilities for experimental nanoresearch.

The research in nuclear and accelerator based physics is mainly performed by using the cyclotron in the Accelerator Laboratory of the Department. The research concentrates on the study of nuclear structure using stable isotopes. The topics of theoretical reseach include double beta decay and nuclear aspects of dark matter. Applied research includes radiation effect testing, ion-beam based material study, and production of medical isotopes. The research in nuclear and accelerator based physics is a Center of Excellence under the national center of excellence program for 2012-2017.

The main topics of the research in particle physics consists of cosmology, neutrino physics and the physics of ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions.

More information of our research is available in the  above links and in our Annual Reports.

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