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According to the Intergovernmental Agreement between Finland and Russia regarding compensation of part of the former Soviet Union debt to Finland and the corresponding list of goods and services, a 30 MeV cyclotron, MCC30/15, will be delivered to the University of Jyväskylä. The cyclotron will be manufactured by the D.V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus (FSUE “NIIEFA”)

The contract on the cyclotron was finally approved by the Ministries of both countries on the 19th of June, 2007. According to the contract the cyclotron should arrive at Jyväskylä 24 months from this date. The installation started in August 2009 and the Final Acceptance Tests were performed in April 2010.

The cyclotron required a new building attached to the existing laboratory so that one beam line will be connected to an isotope production line and one to IGISOL, which will be moved to the new premises.

The extension was be built next to the old 51 m long hall and was 13 m wide (see Figure). The construction started at the end of September 2008, and the building was ready to host the cyclotron in July 2009. There were breaks in the use of the K130 cyclotron due to the construction work during the end of 2008, especially a limited number of light ion runs due to lack of radiation shielding when the area next to the outer wall of the present experimental hall was excavated.

The new MCC30/15 cyclotron will accelerate protons (18 – 30 MeV) and deuterium (9 – 15 MeV) 123I production (MAP) and for IGISOL. It will also be equipped with a target station for other isotope production, e.g. 18-F for PET, in the future. Therefore the new building will have a proper radiochemistry laboratory for such use adjacent to the cyclotron vault. The beam line lay-out will be such that it is possible to use both cyclotrons at the same time. MCC30/15 is also capable of extracting two beams simultaneously (stripping extraction), which will allow regular 18-F production also when protons are accelerated to MAP or IGISOL.


The MCC30/15 cyclotron fully assembled in the new cyclotron bunker.The injection line from the ion source is seen on the left and the beamline to the isotope production cave on the right.




Panorama picture of the MCC30/15 cyclotron

The use of the new MCC30/15 cyclotron will move most proton and deuterium runs away from the K130 cyclotron, which significantly decreases the activation of the K130 cyclotron and makes its maintenance easier and safer. It also gives us more time for maintenance and especially for development work for the cyclotron itself, which has so far been impossible due to continuous use of the cyclotron for experiments.


Technical characteristics


Beam H-
Beam current
18 - 30 MeV
9 - 15 MeV
200/62 uA
Power consumption
Stand by
Beam on
< 15 kW
< 120 kW
Magnetic structure
Magnet diameter
Pole diameter
2500 mm
1400 mm
45 tons
RF-system Frequency 40.68 MHz

number of dees

Dee voltage
35 - 40 kV

RF-gen. power
25 kW
Ion source

New Building - Extension of the Experimental Hall


Progress of the construction work