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JYFLTRAP is a double Penning trap setup used for

  • High-resolution mass separation and
  • Atomic mass measurements.

Feasibility for in-trap decay studies have also been demonstrated.

Technical details

  • Two geometrically identical cylindrical Penning traps. Inner diameter 32 mm, endcap-to-endcap distance 200 mm.
    • Gas-filled (~10-5 mbar helium) purification trap for isobaric cleaning M/DM < 105)
    • Precision trap for high resolution cleaning (M/DM ~ 106) and atomic mass measurements
  • Electrostatic potential 100 V
  • Magnetic field 7 T
  • Traps at 30 kV. No pulsed drift electrodes used

JYFLTRAP is served by ions from the JYFL cooler, which is also used to bunch the beam.

Isobaric and isomeric cleaning

IGISOL dipole separator magnet provides mass resolving power of about 500.

This is enough for mass number selection but is not able to separate isobars, e.g. 71Ga and 71Ge. For isobaric and even for isomeric cleaning JYFLTRAP offers two methods:

  • Sideband cooling method, which can reach M/DM up to 105 and
  • Ramsey cleaning method, which can provides M/DM up and beyond 106.

Atomic mass measurements

JYFLTRAP has been used to measure more than 200 atomic masses and decay Q-values of short-lived ions. Some of the research fields:

  • Q-value measurements of superallowed beta decays
  • Double beta-decay and electron capture Q-value measurements
  • Nuclear Structure studies
  • Nuclear astrophysics (academy research fellow project of Dr. Anu Kankainen)
  • Ultralow Q-value candidate nuclei search for neutrino studies (academy research fellow project of Dr. Tommi Eronen)

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