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JUROGAM II is an array of Compton-suppressed HPGe detectors which has been constructed at the target position of the RITU gas-filled recoil separator. The detectors (Eurogam clover, Eurogam Phase I and GASP -type) have been provided by the EUROBALL collaboration and the UK-France detector loan pool. The support structure and frame of the array are from the earlier implentations of EUROGAM, which was situated at Daresbury Laboratory in the U.K., and at IReS Strasbourg in France. The frame has been modified such that it can be opened in a direction perpendicular to the beamline. This enables access to the target chamber, and allows the use of high intensity beams for decay spectroscopy experiments using RITU and GREAT, without the need for dismantling the array.

A number of ancillary devices, such as DPUNS, LISA and SAGE, can be used at the target position of JUROGAM II.

Users Guides and Documentation: Information for users related to running experiments and troubleshooting minor problems.

Autofill System status and JUROGAM services

Photos and Drawings

Photos from the JUROGAM construction phase

Photos from the 188Pb Köln Plunger experiment

Photos of the IReS Strasbourg group installing the target chamber

Rendered and Technical Drawings of RITU+JUROGAM+GREAT