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RITU (Recoil Ion Transport Unit) is a gas-filled recoil separator used to preferentially select recoiling nuclei from primary beam like products after fusion evaporation reactions.

The RITU-groups main research interests are in nuclei along the proton dripline and the heaviest elements. The primary tools used for the study of these nuclei are the gas filled separator RITU and the GREAT focal-plane spectrometer. Over the years many other ancillary devices have been used in conjunction with RITU, such as the SACRED conversion electron spectrometer, the JUROSPHERE HPGe array, the Köln plunger and presently JUROGAM array. Our local experiments concentrate on alpha and proton decay spectroscopy, as well as in-beam studies utilising the recoil-decay tagging (RDT) technique performed in collaboration with the Gamma-group. RITU is a very successful separator. The RITU group is now taking its' skills and applying them to a new separator. This new separator will be a mass separator with a resolving power of approximately 1/350. This will allow the study of nuclei of lighter masses up the region of 112Ba.

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