High-pT physics at LHC

Workshop agenda

Friday 23.3

Vesa R. 9:00 9:10
Jan Rak Welcome

9:10 10:00
Karel Safarik Preparation of ALICE for physics


Jan R. 10:30 11:30
Mike Tannebaum Colloquium: Jets and Hard-scattering in p-p collisions: Lessons from ISR/FNAL/SPS"

11:30 12:00
Saskia Mioduszewski Experimental overview of high pT results at RHIC

12:00 12:45
Rene Bellwied Particle production mechanisms from RHIC to LHC


MJT 14:00 14:40
Wolf Holzmann Jet medium interactions from RHIC to LHC

14:40 15:15
Nuggehalli Ajitanand Unveiling jet topology via multi-particle correlations

15:15 15:50
Jason Ulery Three-Particle Azimuthal Correlations


Karel S. 16:10 16:50
Nicolas Borghini Multiparticle correlations due to momentum conservation and statistical jet studies

16:50 17:20
Rachid Guernane Expected ALICE performance on open heavy flavour and quarkonia

17:20 17:50
Marta Luszczak Heavy-quark correlations in hadronic collisions

Saturday 24.3

Stan B. 9:00 9:45
Xin-Nian Wang Jet quenching theoretical overview

9:45 10:30
Ivan Vitev Self-consistency of quenching calculations at the LHC

10:15 10:50
Igor Lokhtin Simulation of jet quenching and high-pt particle production at RHIC and LHC


Peter L. 11:20 11:50
Kari Eskola Global reanalysis of nPDFs

11:50 12:20
Jan Nemcik Nuclear shadowing in the light-cone dipole approach

12:20 12:50
Konrad Tywoniuk Nuclear effects in the Glauber-Gribov model


Paul H. 14:00 14:45
Thorsten Renk Prospects of Jet Tomography Using Hard Processes inside a Soft Medium

14:45 15:15
Mateusz Ploskon An overview of high-pT correlations at SPS and RHIC


15:35 16:15
Antoni Szczurek Dijet and photon-jet correlations in pp collisions at RHIC

16:10 16:50
Gergely Barnafoldi Scaling Laws in Jet Energy Loss in Heavy Ion Collisions

17:00 18:00
Nicolas Borghini Student lectures: Introduction to cumulant analysis of anisotropic flow

Sunday 25.3

Kari 9:00 9:45
Mike Tannenbaum Jets and Hard-scattering from RHIC to LHC---a critical review

9:45 10:30
Stan Brodsky Novel LHC Phenomena


Rene B. 11:00 11:40
Nathan Grau Jet correlation in ATLAS

11:40 12:20
Andreas Morsch High-pT Physics with the ALICE Detector

free program

19:00 21:00
Rene Bellwied Student lectures in ALBA: High Energy Heavy Ion physics-quo vadis ?

Monday 26.3

Pater Steinberg 9:00 9:45
Jamie Dunlop Hard Probes: Past, Present and Future

9:45 10:15
Levente Molnar Prospects for identified leading particle correlations in ALICE

10:15 11:00
Jana Bielcikova Strange particle correlation - coalescence at LHC


DongJo K. 11:20 12:00
Henner Buesching Photon physics at RHIC

12:00 12:30
Tomasz Pietrycki Photon-jet correlations in hadronic collisions


XNW 14:15 14:55
Camelia Mironov Probing the Quark Gluon Plasma at LHC with virtual $\gamma$/$Z^0$ tagged Jets in CMS

14:55 15:30
DongJo Kim Direct photon and high-pT $pi^0$ correlations with ALICE


16:00 16:40
Gustavo C. Balbastre Prompt Photon physics in ALICE: Gamma-hadron & Gamma-Jet correlations

16:50 18:00
Peter Steinberg Student Lectures: Introduction to Hydrodynamics

19:00 22:00
conference dinner

Tuesday 27.3

Saskia 9:00 9:40
Peter Steinberg Consequences of Early Thermalization at Low and High pT

9:40 10:10
Peter Christiansen PID at high pT with the ALICE TPC

10:10 10:40
Hans H. Dalsgaard Data Analysis with the FMD


11:10 11:50
Paul Hoyer Multiparton coherence at high transverse momenta

11:50 12:30
Jan Rak Concluding remarks.


and adjourn