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EPS09 Parametrization of nuclear modifications to PDFs


Interface for calculating scale dependent nuclear ratios based on article

The interface routine:

The Fortran code for the parametrization: eps09.f

The C++ code for the parametrization and a test program with a Makefile to compile and link these: eps09_cxx.tgz (Thanks to Thomas Ullrich!)


The NLO grid files:

Li:  EPS09NLOR_6
C:  EPS09NLOR_12
O:  EPS09NLOR_16
Ne:  EPS09NLOR_20
Al:  EPS09NLOR_27
Ca: EPS09NLOR_40
Fe: EPS09NLOR_56
Cu: EPS09NLOR_64
Kr:  EPS09NLOR_84
Ag: EPS09NLOR_108
Sn: EPS09NLOR_117
In: EPS09NLOR_115
Xe:  EPS09NLOR_131
W:  EPS09NLOR_184
Pt: EPS09NLOR_195
Au: EPS09NLOR_197
Pb: EPS09NLOR_208
U:  EPS09NLOR_238


The LO grid files:

He: EPS09LOR_4
Li:  EPS09LOR_6
Be: EPS09LOR_9
C:  EPS09LOR_12
O:  EPS09LOR_16
Al:  EPS09LOR_27
Ca: EPS09LOR_40
Fe: EPS09LOR_56
Cu: EPS09LOR_64
Ag: EPS09LOR_108
In: EPS09LOR_115
Sn: EPS09LOR_117
W:  EPS09LOR_184
Pt: EPS09LOR_195
Au: EPS09LOR_197
Pb: EPS09LOR_208
U : EPS09LOR_238

The grid files for nuclei not included in the list above
can be obtained upon request.


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