Department of Physics


Sample fabrication:

We are using the state-of-the-art clean room facilities of the NanoScience Center.


We have dedicated equipment consisting of two home-made PDR-50 dilution refrigerators, one of which is r.f. wired to 18 GHz.

In addition we have recently designed and fabricated a new model of dilution refrigerator with higher cooling power and lower base temperature. The name of the fridge is Ymir - a frosty giant in the Scandinavian mythology. Below is a picture of Ymir and the associated pumping system in the EMS room.


Aluminum EMS room.

High-frequency equipment: SMR-40 Rohde&Schwarz; microwave signal generator 40 GHz, Hewlett-Packard 8656 B 990 MHz signal generator, Tabor 3362 300 MS/s and Agilent 33250A 80MHz waveform generators, wideband amplifiers, mixers, DC blocks, etc.