Department of Physics

Master's studies in nuclear and particle physics at JYFL

The studies require two years of full-time study, 120 ECTS credits, for a Master of Science degree. Master´s degrees must conform to the following requirements: 1) The prerequisite is BSc or equivalent, 2) Major subject studies i.e. nuclear and/or particle physics 90 crp and 3) Minor subject studies and/or optional  studies 30 crp. Each student is required to make their own personal study plan, which is to be accepted by the Department of Physics. If necessary, additional studies and/or language classes will be added to the personal study plan. The Masters programme can also provide an excellent basis for postgraduate studies, for which two calls of applications are announced annually.

The program is free of charge and the application period is 1 December  2014 - 19 January 2015.

The department has reserved an amount of funding for foreign students totaling 6000 €/year (500 €/month) for a maximum of 2 years. Foreign students accepted to the programme can apply for the funds using a free-form application letter. To be eligible, one must have an accepted study plan, which is made with a Master's studies tutor at the beginning of September 2015. The grant will be paid monthly and is dependent on successful progress in the study plan. Progress is evaluated every six months.

    If you have questions about the study programme, application process or admissions criteria, please contact: