Staff Development Committee

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Tasks of the committee

The purpose of the Staff Development Committee is to monitor the realisation of the personnel policy. The committee also plans personnel training and makes initiatives to develop the wellbeing and attractiveness of the University as a working community in accordance with the principles of the personnel policy.

Members of the committee, 1 January 2017–31 December 2018


  • Vice-Rector Helena Rasku-Puttonen, Chair of the committee
  • University Teacher Tommi Auvinen, School of Business and Economics (substitute member University Teacher Virpi Malin
  • Lecturer Terhi Huovinen, Faculty of Sport Sciences (substitute member Professor Antti Mero)
  • Departmental Secretary Outi Hynninen, Faculty of Information Technology (substitute member Head of Faculty Administration Jaana Markkanen)
  • Development Manager Mikko Jäkälä, University Language Center (substitute member University Teacher Kirsi Westerholm)
  • Senior Researcher Jukka Kaartinen, Faculty of Education and Psychology (substitute member Lecturer Eija Aalto)
  • Development Manager Merja Karjalainen, Open University (substitute member Programme Manager Sisko Harvisalo)
  • University Teacher Saara Kaski, Faculty of Mathematics and Science (substitute member Head of Faculty Administration Taru Kujanpää)
  • Education Coordinator Eeva Koponen, Open Science Centre
  • Senior Lecturer Leena Mikkola, Faculty of Humanisties and Social Sciences (substitute member Project Researcher Jussi Visti)
  • Coordinator Tero Pelkonen, Finnish Institute for Educational Research (substitute member Postdoctoral Researcher Maarit Virolainen)
  • Director of Human Resources Jouni Valjakka, University Services
  • HR Specialist Ulla Huttunen, University Services
  • Head of Sports Office Anneli Mörä-Leino, University Services
  • Mari Kröger, Executive Director of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (substitute member Specialist in Academic Affairs)



  • Piia Löppönen, HR Specialist, University Services tel. +358 400 247689
  • Saara Minkkinen, HR Coordinator, University Services

Records of meetings (in Finnish)


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