The Equality Committee

The tasks of the equality committee are

  • to monitor and evaluate the carrying out of the actions written into the equality plan and to take the appropriate measures with different stakeholders to reach the set goals for years 2016-2018
  • to promote a range of measures to create conditions in which all workers and students have equal rights and equal opportunities for working and learning
  • to carry out studies and surveys related to equality issues, and to make initiatives for the university regarding these issues
  • to annually assess the implementation of the past year's equality plan and to report the results to the university

The committee receives help from a contact person assigned by the university. The jurisdiction of the committee does not cover moving harassment cases forward, this is the responsibility of the employer.


The members and deputies of the committee 2015 - 2016  

Chair of the Committee
Professor Mika Lähteenmäki

Department of Languages

PL 35, 40014 University of Jyväskylä


Tel.  +358 40 805 3206 



Hannu Puupponen, 0400 247 389, email: hannu.puupponen(a)



Kia Lindroos, 040 5017655, email: kia.lindroos(a), alternate member  Hanna-Mari Husu

Miguel Lopez, 040 805 3153, email: miguel.lopez(a), alternate member Emilia Tolvanen

Päivi Matilainen, 040 576 7772, email: paivi.matilainen(a), alternate member Auli Talamo

Johanna Mykkänen, 040 805 4802, email: johanna.mykkanen(a), alternate member Sauli Puukari

Maija Nissinen, 050 428 0804, email: maija.nissinen(a), alternate member Taija Juutinen

Erja Kosonen, 050 376 7017, email: erja.kosonen(a), alternate member Panu Moilanen

Tuula Hölttä, 040 805 3792, email: tuula.holtta(a), alternate member  Saija Kyllönen

Pekka Laine, 0500 749869, email: pekka.laine(a), alternate member  Merja Mäyränen

Jorma Kyppö, email: jorma.kyppo(a), alternate member Leena Subra

Student Union secretary of Social Affairs Karoliina Vainikainen, 050 307 0540, email: sosiaalisihteeri(a), alternate member Elvi Juvonen

Sanna Surakka, alternate member liris Latva-Koivisto

Sanna Anttilainen, 050 443 2367, email: sanna.anttilainen(a), alternate member Mari Nirkkonen.



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