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INTERACTIONS - MA Degree Programme in Intercultural Communication & Digital Culture

The Interactions Master's Degree Programme is a two-year interdisciplinary course which combines communication studies and cultural studies in a unique way. Through this pioneering approach, students will be able to widely consider the cultural implications of the ongoing changes in how people from various cultures interact with each other face-to-face and through digital communication technologies. In the programme, students will be able to select between two main fields of specialization, intercultural communication and digital culture. In addition to theoretical depth, there is a strong practical aspect in the programme, providing communication and content production competencies required in the multicultural, networked world. The programme prepares students for careers involving significant intercultural contacts in companies, public organizations and non-governmental organizations. The students will also be qualified for research-intensive employment; the MA degree qualifies students for enrolment in doctoral studies.

The programme starts in September 2012; application period 21 November 2011 - 16 January 2012.

Studies in Intercultural Communication, Dept. of Communication Studies

Studies in Digital Culture, Dept. of Art and Culture Studies

Study overview

I Programme Studies, 35 cr

INTS100 Cultural Theory, 5 cr

INTS200 Introduction to Intercultural Communication, 5 cr

INTS300 Media and Online Cultures, 5 cr

INTS400 Research Methodology, 5 cr

INTS500 Thesis Seminar, 5 cr

INTS600 Internship or Project Management or Academic Expertise, 10 cr


II Major Subject Studies, 35-40 cr

Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication, 10 cr

Training, consulting and competence, 10 cr



III MA Thesis, 40 cr

IV Language Studies, 5-10 cr


  • Digital culture: Professor Raine Koskimaa, raine.koskimaa(at)
  • Intercultural communications: Lecturer Marko Siitonen, marko.siitonen(at)
ICCMigration and Transition in a Global World, 10 crOptional Studies, 5-10 cr Digital CultureCulture and Technology, 5 crDigital Cultures and Practices, 10 crDigital Arts, 10 crGame Studies, 10 crOptional Studies, 5 cr