Theses and projects

How can your organisation benefit from student research? We offer mutually beneficial cooperation

Working together on a thesis about your organisation gives you professional input and high-quality research data you can use to improve your operations. Our students will be able to use their full academic training and resources to handle any given task.

What is a university thesis?

The master’s thesis is the final step for graduation. The thesis is worth 40 ECTS credits to the student, and it is most often completed over the course of half a year to a full year. It develops the student’s skills in independent research and critical evaluation of the given data. It also requires producing new information and applying existing information on the basis of the chosen research questions.

The different kinds of collaborative theses

Typical topics for a thesis include evaluating the processes of the working environment, a skills demonstration, or implementing and evaluating a task chosen from a professional standpoint.

Examples include:

  • Designing, applying or evaluating training material
  • Researching and developing working practices (e.g. HR and workplace communication)
  • Action research and interventional studies
  • Creating teaching materials as a part of the thesis

Examples of student projects that can be realised as coursework:

  • Designing, applying and evaluating teaching materials
  • Translation projects and other tasks related to text production in a foreign language Generating and evaluating professional texts
  • Researching and developing working practices (e.g. HR and workplace communication)
  • A teaching experiment

The most traditional form of a thesis is a research report, which strives to answer questions chosen in relation to the research problem. The topic can be practical or theoretical. The thesis can also be comprised of articles related to the same topic. Alternatively, it can be a review of literature related to the research. A thesis like this can be a part of a bigger project, in which case the study will be tailored to suit the needs of the project. In addition to text, the thesis can make use of images, audio and other digital or otherwise presentable materials.

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