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Research conducted in the Faculty of Humanities examines humans who create culture and traditions, establish communities and interact with others. The fields of study represented in the Faculty include languages and communication, arts and music, and culture and history. The Faculty combines the best traditions of humanist general education with high-profile research carried out in accordance with Finnish and international scholarly standards.

The Faculty has the following Centres of Excellence in Research nominated by the Academy of Finland:
History of Society: Rethinking Finland 1400-2000, shared with the University of Tampere (2012-2017)Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics (2008-2013), Interdisciplinary Music Research (2008-2012), Political Thought and Conceptual Change Centre of Excellence (2006-2011) and the Research Unit for Variation and Change in English (2006-2011).

Although the University of Jyväskylä is the home of Finnish-language higher education and the Faculty of Humanities is among the largest in Finland, we have a host of international students and scholars, and the disciplines within our Faculty nurture lively and tight connections across the world.

Whether you are a prospective student or an international scholar interested in co-operation with us, we would like you to feel welcome here!

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