Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

There is an ever-growing need in society for knowledge and understanding related to the humanities and social sciences. Human sciences have a significant role in predicting global development trends and social changes, in solving problems and in managing large amounts of information.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

    • focuses on multidisciplinary research and education in culture, the arts, tradition, languages and communication as well as social sciences and philosophy
    • is a nationally strong and unique unit focusing on human sciences
    • has a clear profile among universities
    • features a strong emphasis on the University’s core fields
    • provides socially significant and globally recognised research and education
    • is a modern and popular place to study
    • is among the leading and most effective educational units in Finland
    • prepares students for
      • professions such as subject teacher, journalist and social worker
      • expert tasks such as researcher, consultant, manager and entrepreneur

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