Deans and their distribution of work and resposibility


Deans of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (January 1st - December 31st, 2017)

Dean Minna-Riitta Luukka:

Heads, supervises and develops the Faculty’s activities and takes care of the duties described in paragraph 13 of the regulations. The Dean’s area of responsibility includes, besides general administration, also personnel affairs, economic affairs as well as matters regarding basic degree studies. The Dean is the superintendent of the Department Heads and Heads of Faculty Administration.

Vice Dean Laura Stark:

Duties regarding the Faculty’s doctoral studies and activities of the Wolmar Schildt Institute as well as the Faculty’s quality assurance.

Vice Dean Marjo Kuronen:

Development and coordination of the Faculty’s research activities and social interaction.

The Dean has allowed the Vice Deans the authority to operate in issues regarding the Faculty from July 1st, 2016.