Main Representatives of the Disciplines and Their Duties

Main representatives of the disciplines leading to master's and doctoral degrees, and their duties

Duties of the Main Representative of the Discipline


1.    To act as an expert on matters regarding the discipline and discuss them with the Head and Vice Heads of the Department.
2.    To participate in discussion and preparation of affairs regarding the Department (research, education, planning and administration) on common forums.
3.    To act as a group leader of the discipline and take care that the necessary meetings are arranged and that common affairs are discussed and agreed upon.
4.    To make sure that a sufficient number of student meetings within the discipline are arranged.
5.    To participate in the planning of the Department’s budget and its follow-up regarding the discipline.
6.    To develop the discipline’s research activities according to the research strategy.
7.    To introduce new employees to the discipline’s activities.

Basic Education

1.    To take care of curriculum work and related work distribution.
2.    To propose to the Vice Dean the students to be admitted to non-degree studies as well as degree studies outside main admission. Prior to this, the Vice Dean shall discuss the number of those to be admitted with the Head of the Department.
3.    To propose to the Head of the Department the students to be admitted to the discipline as secondary subject and visiting students.
4.    To monitor the supervision of master’s theses and nominate their examiners.

Postgraduate Education

1.    To carry out the duties described in the guide to postgraduate studies (e.g. arranging research seminars regularly).
2.    To be the examiner in postgraduate studies as well as basic, intermediate and advanced studies, unless the work division in the discipline is arranged otherwise.
3.    To propose licentiate thesis examiners, dissertation pre-examiners, opponent(s), dissertation times, places and custos to be approved by the Faculty.
4.    To propose the licentiate thesis and dissertation grades to the Faculty. Also, examiners of licentiate theses and dissertation opponents will be asked to grade them according to the Faculty’s grading system (sufficient - satisfactory - good - very good - excellent). The main representative of the subject shall take into account the gradings and be aware of potential differences of opinion, but he or she shall make the proposition independently, according to the criteria approved by the Faculty as well as take into consideration the general obligation to supervise the quality of education and research in the discipline.