Wolmar Schildt Institute

The role of the Wolmar Schildt Institute is to support the research of the Faculty’s central research areas, to develop research conditions, to coordinate multidisciplinary research, to create new connections within the University and outside of it, and to use university-related means to promote humanistic education and culture. Additionally, the Institute works as the Faculty’s follow-up group for doctoral studies (read more about doctoral studies at the Faculty.

The Wolmar Schildt Institute

  • conducts and coordinates the Faculty Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • supports and develops the Faculty’s research activities; and
  • promotes high-quality, multidisciplinary projects at the Faculty.

The Wolmar Schildt Steering Board meets around five times a semester, or more often if necessary.

Equal to the multidisciplinary research institutes, the Wolmar Schildt Institute was founded by the Rector’s Decision of 11.9.2002 and it became functional on 1.10.2002.

The Wolmar Schildt Steering Board

Each of the Faculty’s departments has representation at the steering board of the institute.

The chair of the Wolmar Schildt Steering board and the head of the institute is the Vice Dean, Professor Laura Stark.

The members of the Steering Board are

  • Department of History and Ethnology: Professor Pertti Ahonen, deputy Senior Researcher Piia Einonen
  • Department of Language and Communication Studies: Professor Sari Pietikäinen, deputy Professor Anu Sivunen
  • Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies: Professor Raine Koskimaa, deputy professor Jukka Louhivuori
  • Centre for Applied Language Studies: Professor Ari Huhta, deputy Professor Sari Pöyhönen
  • Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy: Professor Tiina Silvasti, deputy Professor Markku Lonkila

Additional participants in the meetings are the Dean Minna-Riitta Luukka; the Vice-Dean for Research, Professor Marjo Kuronen; and the Head of Academic Affairs Maija Pöyhönen. The meetings are also joined by a member of the Science Council, Professor Pauline von Bonsdorff.

The secretary of the Steering Board is the Coordinator Heli Niskanen.