Communications group of the aculty

Communications group of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for the period of 2018-2021


Head of Administration Riitta Sokka, chairman

Department of History and Ethnology

  • member Jukka Jouhki
  • vice member Susanna Niiranen

 Department of Language and Communication Studies

  • member Jarmo Jantunen
  • vice member Terhi Paakkinen

 Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies

  • member Johanna K. Turunen
  • vice member Raine Koskimaa

Centre of Applied Language Studies

  • member Heidi Vaarala
  • vice member Eeva-Leena Haapakangas

Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy

  • member Marita Husso
  • vice member Markku Lonkila

University Services, Student and Academic Services

  • member Tiina Rinne
  • vice member Heli Niskanen

 University Services, Research and Campus Services, University Communications

  • Communications Officer Sari Laapotti