Board of Education

Boad of Education in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for the period of 2018-2021


The Board of Education coordinates and develops the faculty's education.

Members of the Board are

  • Vice Dean Anne Pitkänen-Huhta, chairman (during 1.1.-31.7.2018 Dean Minna-Riitta Luukka)
  • Vice Department Head Piia Einonen, Department of History and Ethnology
  • Vice Department Head Kirsi Pakkanen-Kilpiä, Department of Language and Communication Studies
  • Vice Department Head Henna-Riikka Peltola, Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies
  • Vice Department Head Ari Huhta, Centre of Applied Language Studies
  • Vice Department Head Miikka Pyykkönen, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy
  • Head of Academic Affairs Maija Pöyhönen.