Travel Grants / doctoral students

Travel grants (Department) can be applied for by Doctoral students working on scholarships. The minimum grant per student is 500 euros.

Travel grants may be applied for twice a year, in spring and in autumn, and the grant must be used by the end of the year. The Departments will announce the application periods on their home pages and the information can also be found on the Faculty of Humanities home page.

Applicants are requested to provide the following information: an informal application including a brief plan specifying the project/activity the grant should cover (dates, how the planned project/activity is associated with the applicant’s dissertation work as well as a realistic and exact cost estimate).

The conditions for awarding a travel grant are that the planned project/activity is associated with the applicant’s dissertation work, progress in doctoral studies and a realistic cost estimate. A signed supervisory agreement is an unconditional prerequisite.

The grant will cover a portion of the travel expenses as determined by the Head of the Department.

If the application is successful the applicant must, within two weeks after notification, confirm acceptance of the grant.

The grant holder must submit an informal written report of the project/activity to the secretary of the Department at the latest within one month after the project end date.

Doctoral students who are University employees are not eligible for Department travel grants; they are subject to normal University travel regulations.

Grants/scholarships policy adheres to University of Jyväskylä regulations (January 12th, 2011).