Faculty of Social Sciences: Syllabus for Postgraduate Studies

In government decree on university degrees 794/2004 in 22 § it is defined that in order to complete a doctoral degree a doctoral student must:

  1. complete the doctoral studies in question
  2. show independent and critical thinking in his/her field of research
  3. write a doctoral dissertation and defend it in a public examination.

In addition to the doctoral dissertation students must complete 40 ECTS of diversified studies.

Diversified studies: total of 40 ECTS


General postgraduate studies can be conducted as separate courses or so that they are integrated with research work. Separate courses are organised by the faculty, Methodology Centre for Human Sciences, the University, graduate schools or by the Psykonet or Sosnet networks. Studies conducted at other universities in Finland or abroad can also be included in postgraduate studies.

So-called integrated studies (e.g. teaching, supervising, project work, popularization of research data) are converted to ECTS credits in accordance with the common criteria, after the student has documented his/her completion of them. Completed credits are registered in the student register.

Studies supporting general expertise are intended to provide the student with the capabilities for demanding expert tasks after completion of the degree.

Requisite studies: General scientific studies 6 ECTS

1. Ethics of science/philosophy, Doctoral School of the Faculty (e.g. IHME) (at least 3 ECTS)

2. Theory of science/philosophy, Doctoral School of the Faculty (e.g. IHME) (at least 3 ECTS)

Optional studies: at least 10 ECTS

Studies supporting research work (e.g. Doctoral School of the Faculty, Doctoral Programmes of the Department)

3. Research plan and research process, research funding, personal study plan

4. Scientific writing and publishing

General studies supporting expertise (e.g. University of Jyväskylä Graduate School for Doctoral Studies), for example:

5. Management studies and project management

6. Popularization of research knowledge

7. University level pedagogical studies or equivalent pedagogical studies and teaching and supervision

8. Studies related to the utilization of research results

Language studies if needed (e.g. Language Centre of the University)

Minor studies agreed with the supervisor (e.g. disciplines of different faculties)

Other studies supporting research and general expertise (e.g. University of Jyväskylä Graduate School for Doctoral Studies, Doctoral School of the Faculty)

II FIELD-SPECIFIC STUDIES, mandatory, minimum of 24 ECTS

Field-specific studies include major and minor studies as well as methodology studies: 24 ECTS credits in total. A student can emphasize studies belonging to major and minor studies or to methodology studies consistent with his/her research topic. The theme of the studies has to be consistent with the theme of the licentiate thesis and doctoral dissertation, and the level of the studies must primarily be at least intermediate (subject) studies or advanced studies.

Major studies, discipline, for example:

Postgraduate seminars / project work / supervision

Possible complementary studies

Methodological studies, discipline

Within the frame mentioned above every doctoral student will plan and execute his/her personal study plan so that the selected studies support the research work in the best possible way. 

All the studies mentioned above can be carried out in the following ways:

  • examinations
  • essays
  • assignments
  • courses
  • scientific publications
  • conference presentations and posters
  • scientific expert tasks/guidance
  •  project work