HTKJ101 Introduction to Doctoral Studies (2 ECTS)

Doctoral students who are further along their postgraduate studies can complete the HTKJ101 Introduction to Doctoral Studies -study module by completing a substitutive assignment. More precisely, “further along” means that a doctoral student is halfway through his/her studies – This means roughly 2 or more years for a full-time doctoral student, computationally the same time for part-time doctoral students.

The substitutive assignment is bipartite:

1. ”Reflection on the postgraduate study path” (1 ECTS)

Think about what your time as a postgraduate student has been like and how your studies have proceeded. What kind of phases have there been? When did your studies progress smoothly? When did you face obstacles or when was the progress slow? What were the reasons behind this? How would you develop doctoral studies on the basis of your experiences? The length of the written assignment: 4-5 pages.

2. ”After being awarded doctor’s degree” (1 ECTS)

Think about your career goals - what are those? How do different employment opportunities look like from your point of view? How could you enhance your possibilities in finding employment in accordance with your career goals before applying for the doctor’s degree? The supervisor assigns supplementary reading which should be used when writing this assignment. The length of the written assignment: 2-3 pages.

The doctoral student can also discuss the details of the assignment with their supervisor. The assignment can include for example reflection about being an alumni (how the doctoral student plans to stay in contact with the university) or about how and why he/she decided to apply for postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Humanities and the University of Jyväskylä. 


The evaluation for both assignments is pass/fail and together the courses constitute 2 ECTS.

After completing the assignments, the doctoral student sends them to the supervisor. The supervisor reports the assessment to Coordinator Heli Niskanen so that the complete studies and credits can be submitted into the study records.