Instructions for supervisors on validating the supervision document in Korppi (outdated instructions)

The supervisors can validate a supervision document in Korppi retrospectively. That is, the lack of a supervisor’s “signature” (validation) does not prevent the doctoral student from enrolling. It should be noted, however, that a supervision document is only valid once the supervisor-in-charge has validated it in Korppi. The supervision document is valid for the academic year, meaning that the supervision document must be validated annually during the enrolment of the doctoral student. 

Validating a supervision document in Korppi

  1. Navigate to the Korppi website through, for example, the University main page http://www.jyu.fi/en > Uno Staff portal > Korppi or using the direct link http://korppi.jyu.fi .
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. To see the information on your own supervisees, select Teaching > Supervising from the menu on the left. On the “Supervising” page, you will see a list of all your supervisees.
  4. To see the information on a specific supervisee, click on the title of the work in question. This will take you to the “General data” tab of the thesis in question.
  5. To see the answers provided by the supervisee, choose the “Surveys” tab. From the menu that launches, select student as a respondent and either “Enrolment for postgraduate studies” or “Postgraduate student supervision document”. Click on the button labelled “Review answers”.
  6. A supervision document is validated when the supervisor-in-charge writes his name in the comment field on “Signature of main supervisor”. Other supervisors sign on ”Signatures of the other supervisors”. NB, the actual signature field is not active and cannot be used. Instead, a signature is needed on the active “Kommenttisi tähän” field below it.
  7. Note that just like other comments, the signed names should be visible to both the doctoral student and other supervisors.